Smoke Appreciation Training Course


The Aim is to give the delegate appreciation of escaping through smoke and the disorientation effects. Can be incorporated into a fire alarm evacuation. (Theatre breatherable smoke)

Who should attend?

Fire Wardens/Marshals, lone and vulnerable workers, particularly those working unsocial hours or in isolated locations with minimal support. Staff in areas of high combustible materials or unprotected stairwells.


Delegates will receive an attendance certificate recording the outcome of their assessment test.


½ a day.

Course Structure

The course is structured into 5 Units.  Training includes a wide variety of learning methods including formal presentation, individual and group activities and practical use of extinguishers.

Unit 1 Introduction

Unit 2 Theory of fire

Unit 3 Fire prevention and suppression

Unit 4 Evacuation and communication

Unit 5 Evacuation through smoke