Psychoactive Awareness Training Course


The aims are to prepare delegates to:

  • increase delegates knowledge and awareness of New Psychoactive Substance (Legal Highs) and Ketamine.
  • have a better understanding around new trends what drugs are being taken today understand what employers need in order for them to identify and reduce potential risks to Health and Safety in the workplace.


This half-day session is aimed at all employees who as part of the employment role are required to manage drugs related incidents.


All delegates will receive a certification of attendance


1/2 a day


The workshop are design to be highly interactive, using exercises, breaking in groups, using debates and training aids.


  • Attitudes and experiences to Psychoactive Substance and Trends
  • Having a greater understanding of the scale of Legal Highs
  • Understanding why people use and abuse Psychoactive Substances
  • To look and understand in depth what are the new trends in drug use in society today. including; what they look like, Street names and prices. how are they taken, drug paraphernalia, the risk short/long term associated with using Legal Highs and Ketamine.
  • Delegates to have a better understanding of the signs and Symptoms
  • Drug facts
  • Understanding attitudes and values around Legal Highs
  • Where do you find support


Comprehensive handout containing course information. One per delegate
Extensive placebo displays to enable delegates to see those drugs commonly misused and their paraphernalia

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