Investigative Interviewing Techniques Training Course


The aim of this investigative interviewing techniques course is to provide delegates with the required skills and awareness when interviewing staff in relation to their job role.

Who should attend?

The course is designed for Managers and supervisors who as part of their job role are or maybe required to interview members of their staff.


Delegates will receive an attendance certificate recording the outcome of their assessment test.


1 day

Course Structure:

The course is structured into 8 Units. Training includes a wide variety of learning methods including formal presentation, individual and group activities.

Unit 1 Introduction

Unit 2 What are the objectives of an Interview?

Unit 3 What is communication?

Unit 4 How to plan and prepare for an interview

Unit 5 Different styles and approaches to interviews

Unit 6 The importance of building and maintaining rapport in an interview

Unit 7 Effective questioning and listening skills

Unit 8 Developing your individual communication style


  • Handouts for each delegate
  • Such materials as are deemed necessary for any exercises

Workshop Interviews

Workshops can be tailored to meet individual client requirements

  1. Interview with a member of staff – health and safety issue
  2. Interview with a member of staff – drugs related
  3. Interview with a member of staff – alcohol related
  4. Interview with a member of staff who is rude to customers
  5. Interview with a member of staff who continually fails to carry out instructions as directed by their supervisor

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