The aims are to prepare delegates to:

  • Recognise drugs related litter
  • Take safe and appropriate action when finding drugs related litter
  • Understand the health risks associated with drugs related litter
  • Handle and dispose of sharps or other drugs litter safely
  • Know what actions to take if they sustain a needle stick injury
  • Understand current drug trends

Who should attend?

This half-day session is aimed at all employees who as part of the employment role are required to manage drugs related litter safely.


On successful completion of the course, delegates will receive a certificate of attendance.


½ a day

Course Structure

Drugs Litter Awareness Training includes a wide variety of learning methods including formal presentation, group activity and hypothetical situation exercises.

Course Content

  • Introduction to a range of drugs paraphernalia
  • Recovery/disposal and documentation of paraphernalia found
  • Recovery/handling and disposal of ‘sharps’
  • Health risks associated with various drugs paraphernalia in particular ‘sharp injuries’
  • Basic first aid in response to a sharps injury.
  • Behaviour patterns of drug users (Creatures of Habit and Comfort Zones)
  • Incidents that may require police attendance
  • Procedures and protocols for reporting drugs/drugs paraphernalia.
  • Identifying potential drug users and how to manage incidents that may involve confrontation with these particular people.
  • New drug trends and associated paraphernalia


  • Comprehensive handout containing course information. One per delegate
  • Extensive placebo displays to enable delegates to see those drugs commonly misused and their paraphernalia