Crime Scene Preservation For The Licensed Hospitality Industry Training Course


This presentation is designed to support a niche market within the licensed hospitality industry, by giving learners the skills and knowledge to deal effectively with crime scenes, including communication in emergency situations, scene preservation procedures, crowd management and incident reporting. Often the authorities criticize venue managers for failing to secure vital evidence following an incident at their premises. This session is designed to inform staff how best to do this and thereby demonstrate their support for the licensing objectives.


This presentation is aimed at all employees who, as part of their role are likely to come into contact with either victims, offenders or witnesses to incidents that require Police, Fire service or Local Authority investigation. This really is a presentation for anyone in the hospitality industry, from waiting staff and cleaners through to venue managers or security staff.


Certificate of attendance if required – this may be of benefit to show to a licensing authority that a venue or its security or management have taken some action following an incident, either to prevent Review action or as evidence at such a hearing)


Each session lasts between one and two hours dependent on the number of attendees and their interaction during the question and answer session.


Training centres on a PowerPoint presentation which includes video footage, group activity and hypothetical situation exercises.


The covers the following areas:

  • How to effectively communicate with colleagues, the public and emergency services
  • How to recognise a crime scene – What are the best sources of forensic evidence?
  • Relevant procedures to follow at a crime scene – Victim, offender, witness, scene model
  • Powers to use force – What can I do legally and how do I justify it?
  • Positional asphyxia and excited delirium – What are they? How do we deal with them?
  • The importance of incident reporting – who should make notes and how are they relevant to the authorities and your business.


A handout will be given to each delegate covering key elements of the course content.

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