Drug and Alcohol Testing

BP Associates provide management solutions for risks associated with drugs and alcohol in the working environment.  Our services are totally independent and we can, therefore, offer our clients a full range of methodologies and laboratory services.  Furthermore, we can source the right quality approved collection device, whether this be for urine, saliva or hair suited for your business operations.  This will almost certainly mean that we can obtain the best price and offer the most cost effective national collection service throughout the UK.


  • Hair
  • Urine (Laboratory)
  • Urine (Point of Care)
  • Oral fluid/Saliva (Laboratory)
  • Oral fluid/saliva (Point of Care)
  • Breath (Alcohol)

Test Types

Urine drug tests are widely used and work by detecting the presence or absence of drugs or drug metabolites in a sample of human urine.  Clearly the sample collection needs to be strictly controlled for privacy reasons and as such can present the donor an opportunity to adulterate their sample.

Oral testing is a more dignified and non invasive sample collection methodology. Samples are collected in the presence of the donor thereby making it extremely difficult to adulterate.

National Drug and Alcohol Collection Service

National Drug and Alcohol Collection Service

National Drug and Alcohol Collection Service

BP Associates can offer a National Collection Service consisting of collection technicians who are trained in Chain of Custody procedures and all protocols used for sample collection, as recommended as best practice by the UK Laboratory Guidelines for Legally Defensible Workplace Drug Testing.

This service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Types of testing requested are typically:

  • Random
  • For Cause
  • Post Incident
  • Monitoring
  • Pre-employment

In the case of ‘for cause’ and ‘post incident’ call outs, we will aim to be with you within 2 hours, 24/7 365 days a year.  Collection Technicians will always be trained in close proximity to your premises in order to provide a speedy response for those urgent occasions.

We can even offer our clients a hybrid solution whereby we train on-site staff to the requisite standard for the methodology being used, enabling them to undertake their own pre-employment and/or for cause collections where a more immediate response is required.

Laboratory Services

All the laboratories that are used by BP Associates for the clients are UKAS accredited.  This is effectively the Gold standard for UK laboratories.  We also look for our laboratories to have LinkUp accreditation (used by the Rail Industry) and to participate in UK NEQAS.

A UK NEQAS participant means that an external body sends through “blind” samples for the Laboratory to analyse and match the results with what they should be.  Continually scrutinising the laboratory processes ensures accuracy of their results for our clients.

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