Surveillance Services

All surveillance operations need to be assessed from the outset taking into account the requirements of the Data Protection Act or Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act. BP Associates will assist their clients to ensure that all appropriate documentation is completed. This assessment needs to cover:

  • Client’s requirements
  • Data Protection Act or RIPA assessment and completion of justification. The surveillance operation must not be disproportionate to the operation objectives
  • Formal engagement by the client
  • Formal confirmation by BP Associates with the client

BP Associates technical investigations team utilises a comprehensive suite of products and services to achieve the objectives within the constraints of current legislation.

Technical Surveillance and Countermeasures

We can help you develop effective counter-surveillance strategies:

  • Identifying areas vulnerable to industrial espionage and recommending steps to protect them.
  • Reviewing existing security arrangements to determine vulnerabilities.
  • Providing advice on improving existing access control and physical security.

TSCM (technical surveillance counter-measures) is the abbreviation denoting the process of bug-sweeping or electronic counter surveillance.

BP Associates TCSM operators offer:

1. A radio spectrum search for actively emitting radio frequency (RF) devices in the range of 10 kHz to 15 GHz using a Winkellman Counter Surveillance Receiver with linked monitoring laptop computers.

2. A selection of wide band counter-measures receivers used to measure the RF field strength and detect eavesdropping devices that use directional antennas.

3. An electronically enhanced physical search is made of all wall, floor and ceiling voids, furniture etc. The equipment used is designed to detect any passive electronic surveillance device, either hardwired or remotely controlled regardless as to whether it is switched on or off. The equipment is also used to detect hidden pinhole hardwired cameras and or microphones.

4. A detailed physical search of all fixtures and fittings including desks, filing cabinets, and pictures frames, calculators, electronic office equipment etc. At this point notes will be made regarding exposure of confidential papers, locked desks and filing cabinets, available document destruction processes, access control systems, etc.

5. A physical and electronic inspection of all electrical sockets, power and lighting circuits and cable ducts within the designated search areas, using a range of physical search aids and radio receivers with enhanced very low frequency (VLF) capability to detect mains carrier devices. Transparent tamper evident seals can be placed on the equipment where possible to prevent possible unauthorised modifications.

6. A physical check of the external areas where possible to determine whether any eavesdropping devices such as contact microphones have been placed on or near the location.

7. The vulnerability to attack by remote eavesdropping devices, such as laser or boom-type microphones is also evaluated at this stage.

8. Telephone instruments and all ancillary equipment are physically examined. All telephone lines and accessible telephone wiring, including the terminal boxes, distribution points (DP) and main distribution frame (MDF) are electronically tested and compared with the known values for that type of system and telephone exchange

At the completion of the TCSM sweep, an immediate verbal report is given to our clients. Should a device be found then the sweep leader will advise the various courses of action to be taken. For example it may well be prudent to leave the device in situ, allowing for disinformation to be “given” to the ‘listener’.

If required as part of a Management Audit a fully detailed report of the sweep can be prepared and presented together with general observations regarding the overall security of the premises inspected.

Technical Support Services

BP Associates will only use legal covert surveillance techniques within the constraints of current Data Protection legislation to detect and identify a crime or establish innocence. Services we offer include:

  • Installation of covert video/audio equipment
  • Covert surveillance
  • Specification and installation of encryption systems

Surveillance is a key corporate service in investigations of fraud, corruption, theft, sickness and absenteeism. BP Associates can work discreetly with you, helping your business to minimise risks.

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