Covert Integration

Covert integration by its very nature is a undercover activity that enables information to be gathered in order to provide evidence of an illegal activity. With ever changing legislation such as, Human Rights and Data Protection Acts, operating within the law and allowing information to be admissible in court will only be permissible by following strict rules.

The reasons for conducting this type of operation can be varied. However, it is normally chosen because other methods have failed or are considered either too risky or unlikely to produce the desired results. Whilst undercover infiltration will not always produce quick results, it is often more cost effective than traditional methods. The intelligence developed can also provide senior management with a much better understanding of its business processes.

The starting point is to understand the problem, the organisation and position the operative will occupy. Once this and other information has been evaluated, the sex, background and skill set of the operative can be determined. It is then important to place the operative with a credible cover story (which will stand close scrutiny) and with the absolute minimum number of people being aware. This may necessitate more than one operative applying for a job and attending a selection interview without the knowledge or assistance of anyone from Human Resources.

Remember your company must be able to justify engaging an undercover operative to carry out this type of project in your workplace. It must be necessary and proportionate to what it seeks to achieve. Ask yourself the question, “Can the information be obtained in some other way?”. BP Associates will always advise their clients on such matters.

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