Commercial Investigations

Growth and rapid change, global operations, e-commerce, transitory employment and mixed loyalties, mean that businesses must contend with a raft of sensitive and often difficult problems. These may include anonymous allegations, serious misconduct, business diversion, corruption or other acts of criminality.

Our clients often utilise our services to support HR Departments and their legal advisors during sensitive disciplinary investigations related to workplace criminality and malpractice.

The complexity of business crime cases also requires access to the very best experts in many areas including accounting, telephony, forensics and advocacy. We have access to such expertise which will make all the difference when assessing the evidence to determine whether or not to handle the matter internally, or to pass the file onto the appropriate authorities.

Our evidence gathering includes approaching witnesses, assembling documentary evidence and conducting computer forensic investigations in order to follow the trail of communication and evidence – even across multiple sites and between very many people.

All surveillance operations need to be assessed from the outset taking into account the requirements of the Human Rights Act, Data Protection Act and/or Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act. BP Associates will assist their clients to ensure that all appropriate documentation is completed. This assessment needs to cover

  • Client’s requirements
  • Data Protection Act or RIPA assessment and completion of justification. The surveillance operation must not be disproportionate to the operation objectives
  • Formal engagement by the client
  • Formal confirmation by BP Associates with the client

BP Associates technical investigations team utilises a comprehensive suite of products and services to achieve the objectives within the constraints of current legislation.

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