Corporate Security & Commercial Investigations

Senior managers and business developers need to understand how different legal and regulatory environments, political rivalries and potential instability will affect their business.

On a local level you have to consider the effects your operations may have on specific communities. All of this takes place within a global context of legislation, regulation and local and international pressure groups, where corporate governance and reputation is of paramount importance. Understanding, monitoring and preparing for these risks can provide a real competitive edge. Conducting a detailed and focused risk assessment for new investments can mean the difference between success and failure.

In many instances political, business and cultural risks only become apparent once you have already committed significant financial resources to a project, but identifying the potential impact of these issues from the outset helps you to manage them correctly. Conducting risk assessments of ongoing projects and supply chains can help to identify existing problems and vulnerabilities.

Our investigative services cover:

BP Associates has acted for clients from all sectors of industry. Understanding our clients and their specific requirements enables us to provide the best possible service to manage their project effectively.

All evidence that is required to be used in a court of law will be gathered in accordance with the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE), Human Rights and Data Protection Acts.

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