Today we went to interview one of our clients, Giuseppe Rutigliano managing director at Helios Marketing Solutions to ask him to tell us about his experience as a customer of BP Associates.

Giuseppe told us: “I run a small company delivering telemarketing campaigns predominately to ICT companies. I have recently developed a new market organising events and supplying interpreters for international and European companies taking part at UK trade shows.

The majority of our team are university students who work freelance. The reputation of my company is without doubt the best asset that I have; my key selling point to potential clients is the number of excellent references that I can proudly present.

Historically managing a team of telemarketers has never posed the challenge of dealing with members of our team who could use alcohol and drugs while at work. However, as we now work at public events and our team is in direct contact with the public, I do run training sessions to ensure our team customer service skills are always refreshed and tested in order to maintain the excellent reputation we have earned due to our continued effort and hard work.“

– So what made you get in touch with BP Associates?

Giuseppe said: ”I was talking with a colleague and friend of mine who also works in the same business sector as ourselves. My colleague told me that he faced a very difficult situation as one of his freelance team had attended work at a trade show under the influence of alcohol. During the event, he continued drinking to the point that his behaviour became unacceptable for the company he was helping as an interpreter. This led to receiving a major complaint and the potential loss of a client.

This made me realise that my company was completely exposed to comparable problems and that it was only matter of time before something similar could happen and ruin our reputation.”

– What did you do then?

“Initially I tried to put something in place by myself, but soon realised that our efforts were not effective enough to protect my company. I sought advice through my business network on how other companies addressed the same problem. Based on the feedback I gathered, I decided to get in touch with BP Associates who was a recurring name.

– How BP Associates helped you to solve the problem that you had?

Giuseppe said; “Initially I was asked to explain what exactly my needs were. Based on what I told him, the BP Associates consultant presented me with a comprehensive action plan. The plan consisted in the creation of robust Drug and Alcohol Policy and Procedure for managing any incidents; training sessions for our management team to identify signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol use in the workplace, building confidence in the implementation of such a policy by running short communication sessions with all our workforce and procedures to randomly test team members to enforce it and not forgetting a support package for those individuals that may come forward and ask for assistance with a drink or drug problem.

Initially I chose only the creation of Policy & Procedure along with the training session for management. After a while, I realised that the enforcement of the Policy and Procedure was key to minimise the risk and therefore engaged BP Associates to run some random drug and alcohol testing sessions. The process was really efficient and smooth and the general feedback from all our team has been extremely positive.

I can now say that I have done everything I possibly can in order to minimise the risks for my company as well as providing the necessary support to my team.”

If you need assistance, whatever stage you are at with your drugs and alcohol programme, then please contact BP Associates by following this link, or call us on 08450 519389.

Barry Pryor
BP Associates