Air Stewardess Safety BriefingHow many times have you been on-board an aircraft or ferry (or even cruise ships for those of us who don’t get horrendously sea sick on longer trips) and ACTUALLY listened to the safety brief given by the highly trained staff? How many times have you seen others just ignoring the crew or who are more interested in what the baggage handlers are doing on the Airbus 320 parked on the adjacent stand? Are YOU complacent, or is it purely that you can’t be bothered?

These briefings are not only a requirement of international aviation and maritime law but there for your welfare and that of your fellow travellers.

Even railway carriages these days have safety briefing placards and first aid emergency equipment located throughout the passenger areas – Have you ever taken the time to look? Or are you like millions of other commuters who just fight their way to a seat and then proceed to open a newspaper, or drink your Cappuccino whilst listening to your music?

Ask yourself this – In an aircraft emergency are you going to be the one who will be able to save yourself, your family and other passengers because you:

  • Counted the head rests of the seats to the nearest exit in case the cabin is in complete darkness and full of smoke
  • Felt under your seat to ensure your life jacket is actually there
  • Know whether that life jacket ties with a bow on the left side or fastens with quick release clips
  • Understand that pulling the oxygen mask towards you starts the flow

Or on that long awaited cruise you:

  • Have actually attended the life boat drills
  • Know where your emergency assembly station is
  • Know exactly how to get there from your cabin
  • Have established the exact location of your life jacket (is it in your cabin or a central storage locker?)

Paying Lip Service to these briefings could one day cost you more than a few minutes of your time.

For those of you who are complacent – Remember complacency is a killer. Good planning and preparation may just save your life in times of crisis.

For those of you who just can’t be bothered and think that it will never happen to you – GOOD LUCK – you will need it!!!!

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James Wilson
BP Associates
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