• 2.9 million people use illegal drugs in UK.
  • 1.9 million people are addicted to alcohol. 9 in 100 are men and 4 in 100 are women.
  • 1.5 million people are addicted to prescribed drugs.
  • 2.2% (in the ages between 15 and 64) use cocaine.
  • 6.8% (in the ages between 15 and 64) regularly use cannabis.

An estimated 1 million UK workers have attended work under the influence of drugs; 15% of the UK workforce has been drunk while at work and 200,000 have attended work with a hangover.

The National statistics Office has conducted a study to measure the impact of drug and alcohol abuse on UK businesses estimate 14 billion work days are lost in productivity and absenteeism due to a lack of management of drug and alcohol related issues. This equates in a financial loss to the UK economy equal to £6.4 billion annually.

It is patently clear that most businesses, sooner or later will be affected by drink and drug related incidents and the subsequent financial impact caused by the damage to brand, reputation and possible compensation costs.

An increasing number of businesses are implementing drug and alcohol Policies and Procedures in order to try and manage this growing problem. This is an extremely important first step. However, It is equally important to understand that a paper document alone will not effectively deal with such issues. Managers and staff will all want to know how their business will proactively deal with drug and alcohol incidents. This may include, communication of policy and procedures, drug and alcohol testing, and awareness training for managers and supervisors to identify signs and symptoms of drug use, as well as management intervention programmes to assist those with drink or drug problems including referrals for specialist treatment and rehabilitation.

BP Associates are a specialist risk management consultancy who can provide you with total solutions for the risks posed by drink and drugs in your workplace.

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