Alcohol Testing

On 3rd October the BBC broadcasted on national TV (reported by Jon Ironmonger) that four independent screening companies stated that drug testing is on the rise in the UK. Not only was it on the rise, but they had seen significant increases in annual drug tests carried out between +40% and a staggering +470% calculated over a four year period.

On the very same day, Eddie Nestor dedicated an hour of his “Eddie Nestor drive time show” on BBC Radio London 94.9, making exactly the same point.

Lastly, the Daily Mail on 30th October published an article in their paper entitled “Workplace drug testing on the rise: Number of checks for narcotics such as cocaine, cannabis and ketamine quadruples in four years” , by Louise Eccles , reinforcing the point that a large number of companies in the UK are starting to take a proactive stance to protect their workforce, customers and business reputations against such a large scale problem.

The research behind those news stories would tend to suggest, that there is a rapidly increasing number of workers, from a broad range of industries and professions, who are affected by the consumption of drugs ranging from cannabinoids, ketamine, steroids, cocaine, psychoactive substances and legal highs (that are substances of choice especially amongst the younger generation).

The value of the market connected only to the use of cocaine in UK is of £1billion, as reported in the Daily Mail article and stated by the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe who, in the same interview, urged companies “to consider drug testing on middle-class professionals.”

BP Associates offers a wide range of workplace drug and alcohol testing solutions that could help your organisation address such issues, protecting your people (staff and customers alike) and the reputation of your business. In fact by adopting effective “Policy and Procedures” , delivering drug and alcohol awareness “Training” and introducing a deterrent with random “Drug Testing” for safety critical roles, provided as part of our professional and reliable “National Drug and Alcohol Collection Service” we are confident that your safety culture will be enhanced.

BP Associates are also able to provide not just the services described above, but also confidential and professional advice on how to implement the most effective solutions to meet your company requirements.

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