Afghanistan - Kabul International Airport

Afghanistan – Kabul International Airport

The large majority of the world is a safe place and millions of people travel every year for business and pleasure and encounter no problems.

Unfortunately a small number are confronted with situations they are ill prepared to deal with; very few people can think clearly and logically in emergency situations, especially in foreign environments.

Travel planning of any kind is a matter of common sense; however, some people spare little or no thought to even the most basic preparations outside ensuring they have their tickets. With this in mind, it is important to encourage individuals and those organisations with a duty of care for employees to plan (as far as is practicable) in advance for abnormal situations and unforeseen circumstances.

Question: Do you always have the contact details of the British Embassy or Consulate in your destination country? Do you even know if there is an Embassy or Consulate in the country you are travelling to?

Embassies and Consulates can provide assistance in cases of emergency. Think about this simple scenario:
You are on an overseas holiday with your family or on assignment for your employer; you lose your passport – How will you get home?

BP Associates training consultants are highly experienced and have travelled extensively, including in areas with higher threat environments such as the Middle East and Africa. We have used our knowledge and well-rehearsed planning procedures to create a Business Travel Safety Course.

The wide variety of subject matter contained in the course is intended to act as a set of guidelines to encourage you to contemplate other facets of travel that you may not have considered before and focuses on topics such as:

This training package was designed to give the traveller the ability to recognise risks associated with overseas travel and the capability to avoid or manage potential hazardous situations. Effective security precautions require a continuous and conscious awareness of one’s environment as well as the need to exercise prudence, judgement and common sense. This is especially true where the traveller must adapt to new cultures, customs and laws. Personal security cannot be delegated to others; it is a responsibility of each one of us.
Warren Christopher
Former U.S Secretary of State


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