Welcome to BP Associates Blog. From today, we have decided to get a little closer to our customers and website visitors by sharing on this platform our experiences, knowledge and solutions gained over many years of work in the sector of corporate security and risk management.

On our website, you will be able to visit many different pages where you will find detailed information about our company, our clients, our services and our range of training courses.

On our blog, you will be able to not only read articles but also to share with us and with other readers your opinion and experience either by posting a comment, or by sharing the entire article on the major social media platforms.

What articles will you will find on this blog?

There will be a mixture of knowledge based articles where we will share with you our researches and best practices useful to tackle effectively common issues that many businesses like yours are facing such as drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace. This will be the first topic that will be analysed in our blog since, which from our research, seems to be one of the most rapidly growing issues that concerns and affects us both at home and whilst at work.

Along with information, case studies and real life experiences we will offer you practical solutions.

BP Associates has a National Collection Service operating 24 hours a day 365 days per year to support you with your sample collection needs; can support all drug and alcohol testing methodologies and partners UKAS laboratories to provide the very latest technology for accurate screening, confirmations and result reporting all of which complement your workplace drug and alcohol policy.

Ultimately BP Associates has the relevant knowledge and experience to help your organization to prevent such issues by adopting or implementing the correct policy and procedures and, more importantly, training. In particular, we would like to stress the importance of professional training that is, after all, the most effective tool in order to equip your team with the confidence and the ability necessary to confront, deal and minimise the risk for your business posed by drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace.

If you are already interested in one of our services we would be pleased to answer any of your questions. All you need to do is contact us using the following link: Contact Us.

Once again, Welcome to our new blog.

Barry Pryor
BP Associates
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