PRESS RELEASE 23 July 2012

BP Associates are pleased to announce a continued working relationship with Colas Limited, a major services and construction company that delivers sustainable solutions for the maintenance and construction of the UK’s transport infrastructure.

As part of their business improvement programme and drive to improve their resilience to business interruptions, Colas has embarked on a 3 year programme to enhance the way it manages risks to the services and products it offers to its customers. By working with BP Associates, the company will increase their understanding of potential threats to ensure that risks can be managed effectively.
Speaking of the project, Barry Pryor of BP Associates notes: ‘We have worked with Colas previously on operational risk and security issues. When they identified that they wanted a detailed external review of their current arrangements we were in an ideal position to respond with our existing knowledge of the company and our specialist knowledge of the strategic issues that they need to address.’

Initially BP Associates will review current arrangements and work with Colas to develop a strategy to address the future needs of their customers.

Tony Delaney of Colas said: ‘We have identified where we need to prioritise improvements to our business continuity and I’m excited about continuing the relationship with BP Associates to enhance our business resilience and value to our customers’.

Barry Pryor
BP Associates
08450 519389