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Why you need this document:


  • To ensure the safety of your employees when travelling abroad
  • To meet your legal obligations and compliance
  • To identify your risks and thereby ensure adequate insurance is in place to protect your employees and initiate repatriation in the event of an injury or incident

The introduction of the Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Act has highlighted the need for businesses and organisations to have the appropriate policies and risk assessments in place to effectively managed their staff whilst abroad.  If you think that your Duty of Care only extends to the UK, then you would be wrong.

Before businesses, schools or other organisations allow their employees, or pupils to travel abroad they must ensure that they are fully prepared to deal with any problems they may face.   The start point in your preparation must be to compile a comprehensive Risk Assessment.

BP Associates have provided you with a basic Travel Risk Assessment document to help you get started.  By completing this will not negate your risk in a court of law, it will only serve to mitigate it.  We would strongly recommend that you follow the five key steps below when considering sending your employees, or school children abroad.

1. Risk assessment (See Free General Risk Assessment)

2. Policy – Consider Statement of Purpose, Responsibilities and Enforcement, Travel Arrangements,  Air Travel, Accommodation, Car Rentals, Other Transportation, Meals and Entertainment, Spouse/Personal Travel Combined with Business, Telecommunications, Expenses, Payment Methods-Corporate Cards, Insurance etc

3. Briefing and advice to all involved – Consider training on your policy, procedures and risk assessment, what should employees or school staff do if there is an incident, safety awareness and crisis management

4. Procedures to be followed in the event of an incident – Consider hijacking, kidnapping, illness, assaults, disease, drink or drug related issues, political or social unrest, natural disasters etc

5. Assess and review – Test your systems thoroughly.  The purpose of this exercise is to identify areas that require some form of remediation, or at least require further consideration

If you would like to know more about keeping your employees or school children informed and protected while they are travelling abroad, then contact us on or 08450 519 389.